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GE3 LATAM Bogotá, Colombia, 2019 (in English)

On December 9th, 10th and 11th, 2019, the first Latin American meeting of the Google Earth GE3 (Google Earth Education Experts) was held in Bogota, Colombia, at the Google Offices in Bogotá ; and by the way, it was the first time an educational event was held in them. In addition, and taking advantage of […]

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My #GoogleEI Journey

My #GoogleEI journey From #BETT2017 to #SWE17   Once upon a time, there was a boy … well, that’s me. Everything started at BETT 2017. I went there to make a presentation about my own #edtech experience (Tip: It is so important sharing your own experience out of your school limits because then you learn […]

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Pedagogy rhymes with technology

Social networks and mobile phone applications are a great opportunity for a type of teaching that depends on proximity and empathy as a means to encourage learning. The whole network formed by Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc… configures a cloud where leisure is very present and, with the adequate tools, permit using them as a […]

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My own #arthistoryflip story

Introduction Becoming a teacher who uses ICT in a classroom isn’t a decision, it’s a process. With this document I would like to explain the evolution over the the last few years that led me to the use of ICT and electronic devices in the educational field. And from this point on, how it should […]

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Flipped Classroom and TIC-TAC integration: another way of teaching.

Extract How can Baccalaureate students, who grow up in a digital environment, learn Art History in a natural way? This objective can be acomplished with a methodological proposal where the resources used invoke a continuous curiosity for learning. We must remember that attention follows curiosity, the former being an indispensible cognative process for learning and […]

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Geolocation activity and the use of ICT in Art History

#arthistoryflip #eduARTpiracy hook #edtech Geolocation activity and the use of ICT in Art History (with sudents from 2nd of Bachillerato)   Subject: Art History (#arthistoryflip) Activity: #eduARTpiracy hook: geolocation and the use of ICT (before, during and after the activity)   Before explaining the activity, I would like you to reflect on these two questions. […]

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My own edtech story

Introducció Esdevenir un professor que utilitza les TIC a l’aula no és una decisió, és un procés. Amb aquest document vull explicar l’evolució que al llarg dels darrers anys m’ha portat a utlitzar les TIC i els dispositius electrònics en el camp de l’educació. I a partir d’aquí com això ens ha de dur a […]

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